The big "Bastille Day" gala for!

Two days away from the big fundraiser for and I’m still polishing material. No surprise there! You don’t hire a creative director who uses improvisational methods and expect any less.
Variety provides modified bicycles and other equipment to developmentally challenged kids to help them stay mobile and live normal lives. Every year they have an annual fundraiser to get money to help the children and this year they brought me on as event designer to help pull of the largest fundraiser they have attempted yet. Variety is an international charity and the Pittsburgh office is the original of a now global organization. This year’s event is scheduled for July 14th which falls on “Bastille Day”. The event organizer, Marilyn Caye, decided to pull out all the stops and make it a full on French themed extravaganza. The fundraiser takes place in a spacious mansion over looking the famous three rivers of Pittsburgh, high above, from atop the hill of Mt. Washington. The event is presented by the Honorary French Consul Jean-Dominique Le Garrec and has sponsors from all of the Pennsylvania corporate giants, all for a great cause. There will be food and wine tastings in the wine cellar presented by local executive chefs. An award winning performance of “Les Mis” will happen at intervals. Strolling musicians will add ambience to the pool area and outdoor grounds. A caricature artist will exaggerate your worst features and a mime will…do…mime stuff like mimic people and hopefully climb an invisible rope!
As the emcee, of sorts, (myself as) “Viceroy Nostril von Picklebau of the Salzburg Picklebau’s” will be holding court throughout the entire estate whirling the masses into a mystical magical frenzy of fantasy and French themed frivolity fantastically formulated to feed the fruitful fever of frightful fun.
Tickets are $300 a plate and proceeds go to the priceless purpose of providing precious people with the gift of mobility, self-confidence, and hope.

I am honored to be a part of this year’s wonderful group of organizers. Beauseant! As noble knights we charge forth with the wind at our backs and a firm grip on the sword of possibilities!


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