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A follow up with Nacho!

After writing the previous blog I contacted Nacho to tell him how much I enjoyed his work on this piece he calls, "I Miss You!" portraying a real life version of "Bert" from Sesame Street. He got back to me with this friendly e-mail. (He communicates in English well. He is from Spain.)

"Hi christian,
Thank you very very much for your kind of words and compliments, that is too much for me.
It means a lot for me coming from such a great artist like you; i t is really a pleasure to read your words because you´ve understood what I want to show in my piece.
It is always confortable to see such a good reactions of people about the piece, that´s because we are working on it, is it?.
It has been a great surprise you are an artist of Cirque d Soleil, and a really great artist ( I heve been seeing your youtube videos)

Please when you are in Spain , let me know..(redacted)
Thanks again for your words and continue making the people happy with your art.

Thanks, Nacho!…

Nacho Diaz captures all of my favorite comedic sensibilities.

Look into the face of childhoods fancy turned surreal. Way too real. Truth.

Artist, Nacho Diaz recently lit up the internet with his incredible depiction of what "Bert" from Sesame Street would look like if he were an actual person. This work of art takes one of our childhood archetypes and places him squarely inches from our nose to reconsider what we've laughed at all of these years.Ourselves.

Seriously though, I can't help laughing at this disturbing creature.This piece exemplifies all of my favorite things in comedy.
Real. Creepy. Childlike. Unblinking unapologetic dead pan bizarity.

Hats off to you, Nacho, for a masterpiece of pop culture phenomenon. Thank you.

Where do you see yourself?

I was asked to write a piece to encourage the high school students at Santa Clara High which I graduated from in 1992.
Here's what I wrote.

School is more than just a place you are required by law to be. Sure the main purpose of going to school is to get an education that will make you a more capable human being and lead to a career that will feed you and possibly those you attach yourself to or create later in life. But high school is also a place where a lot of your likes and dislikes are cemented in your personality and you learn social lessons that educate you, culturally, for the rest of your life.

I was asked to write something for you because I am one of many graduates from Santa Clara High School who went on to experience success after graduating.
The truth is that every inch of success I achieved in life began at Santa Clara High.
I have toured North America with Cirque du Soleil performing for millions of people. I have entertained audiences throughout the entire Caribbea…