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12:07pm La Jolla, California.

So here I sit watching television coverage of the devastating Chile earthquake and the "Tsunami watch" and I realize I am in the coastal community of San Diego specifically La Jolla. The show I'm in is in Del Mar technically a ravine between two mountains off the coast of the Del Mar beach.

What to do in a tsunami DOES NOT cover go to work in a circus tent in a ravine off the coast from a tragic earthquake.
Especially 29 days away from my "retirement" from the show as this is the last city for me.

What will happen? Hard to say. The map on the news only shows Hawaii THEN San Diego. We'll see.

Take this opportunity to listen to my song, "Elements" for the full impact.

Chorus: "Waves may swell storms may crash. Swarming tsunamis steadily drop volcanic ash. Flash floods and strong winds cause an avalanche, bu…