The scintillating life of Creative Director/ Variety Entertainer, Christian Fitzharris, and his never ending voyage to do everything in the world. ( at a respectful pace... of course)

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Greetings Co-Inhabitors of Earth and Beyond!

The driving all over and collecting libations and ritual supplies is over. It's time to ring in the New Year!

"Another one in the shitter"- as I say at work after another great show with "KOOZA". And this has been one dynamic year for me. I've met great people in many cities all across the United States. Seen cities I'd live in and others I never want to return to. Hung out with Duff Goldman of "Ace of Cakes", befriended Shrine clowns and police officers in Atlanta that taught my girl and I how to use a fogger to choke the life out of anyone threatening, played some memorable shows in Baltimore and New York rockin that Thelemic hip hop to new peeps in every region, learned a lot from "Doc" John Deems and the Magic Mafia of Minneapolis, and got killer reviews from the New York Times, Time, and Variety (see

Oh and I've released a diverse catalog of music: "Elements", "I'm not a Nazi", "Nog", "I'm Comin' for You!", and most recently, "Twanks!"( with accompanying video ).

And Created unreleased tracks for the upcoming , "Mystic Haze" collab with Pcd_FAdeD and O-Dog.

It's an exciting world so do something different, do something creative, but overall just do something!