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Amazon's Kindle and my slow techno-upgrade.

Well here I am in sunny...wait tornado-y Chicago. I have purchased the Amazon Kindle and it is revitalizing my information assimilation almost to overload. I am reading more AND learning more about more! electronic books are just the ground level here. The New York Times is delivered daily at 03:30.I can cross reference blogs which are footnoted with sources via the internet. and switching between all of these is seamless.

One moment I'm digesting the Times BAM! The next; fact checking on websites BAM! Looking at updated political blogs WHOA! Then shoot over to my books (currently "CIA briefings of Presidential Candidates" by John L. Helger) to relax and eventually I must do something in the "real world".

The Kindle is awesome and I should be getting residuals from Jeff Bezos the way I am moving these units. I am already responsible for three Kindle sales in Cirque du Soleil and I have two more on deck. Great for touring life and researching material.…