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Back in Las Vegas!

Well we've arrived back home in Vegas and it feels really good. Canada was okay, but I am happy to be back in the U.S.A. I've never been a big patriotic guy. But now that I have spent a year in the Great White North, I can happily say, no more Government controlled liquor, no more 6pm closed stores, no ridiculous anal retentive control of the thermostat, and no more being taxed at sixty percent so that everyone can have middle of the road health care instead of the paying more and getting more.

This post was going to be a little more relaxed, but I guess I am just happy to be home.

Now then, we've got the mixer, hard drives, mics, and MPC 1000 ready to go! I'm on vacation ( a much deserved vacation) and all I need now is to schedule in the time to create and record. I've added a verse to an older song of mine called, "Kerouac". I am looking forward to moving into our new place in San Fransisco and can't wait to get to City Lights Bookstore and The Be…