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Let's see if I can have an end product.

I have begun my hip hop invocations. Requisite DVD's, and background music in place.("The MC" dvd and Rakim's "The 18th Letter" to start off with.)I want to see if I can have an end product after working for a few hours. I have a lot of completed ideas and lyrics without the beats or recordings to back them up.

A backlog of flows-
That need a green patch to grow.

Productivity needs discipline to begin and end.
And then I'm in the mindset of imminent reminisce.
Intense events.
Construct then cleanse...the mind.
From the inner reaches and dunes just like a beach.
My speech-
Packed with the vitamin prose, just like a peach.
Release the beats!

And let the digital scribe scroll.
Unroll my soul uncontrolled and let my Will glow.

Samplers and mixers microphones and let the cords row-
mon bateau- I mean my boat is so cold.
Agwe' at the helm of the wheel in which he holds.

Now everything's in position so now I gotta go!

Back from the wild!

We have re-immerged from the (literal) wilderness of Pinnacles National Monument in California! Six days with wild turkeys, racoons, bobcats, and deer. Camping was beautiful and quiet. We shot footage for the never ending production of the "Thelema is Dead" music video. (Shoot me in the head already..this project is drawing out, but there is always a reason.)

Now I am touching down briefly in Hollister, California (made semi-famous for hosting the original motorcycle invasion represented in the film "The Wild One" with Marlon Brando.) I don't predict music here.

Thursday is my birthday and we will move into our new apartment in San Francisco! Woo-hoo!
Ring the bells! We will arrive in S.F ready to shine and live it up.

Back in Las Vegas!

Well we've arrived back home in Vegas and it feels really good. Canada was okay, but I am happy to be back in the U.S.A. I've never been a big patriotic guy. But now that I have spent a year in the Great White North, I can happily say, no more Government controlled liquor, no more 6pm closed stores, no ridiculous anal retentive control of the thermostat, and no more being taxed at sixty percent so that everyone can have middle of the road health care instead of the paying more and getting more.

This post was going to be a little more relaxed, but I guess I am just happy to be home.

Now then, we've got the mixer, hard drives, mics, and MPC 1000 ready to go! I'm on vacation ( a much deserved vacation) and all I need now is to schedule in the time to create and record. I've added a verse to an older song of mine called, "Kerouac". I am looking forward to moving into our new place in San Fransisco and can't wait to get to City Lights Bookstore and The Be…