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The controversy of "Common" and the White House.

Rapper "Common" being invited to the White House. A dicey zig zag of a line.
Everyone is laying the responsibility upon "Common", but the mistake and lack of forethought is the fault of the White House.
I like "Common". His personality and music is pretty tame in comparison to the rest of the hip hop world. (But we shouldn't measure success against lack of failure either.) "Common" has some lyrics that advocate violence against the police, but I doubt he has been in a police abuse case. Yet.
I listen to heavy metal, crazy screaming murder music, and quiet relaxing music as well. I think music is a release and gives the listener a safe way to rebel and throw off pent up emotions by becoming the subject of the music they are listening to.
It is fantasy. Music should you take you to another place real or imagined. We listen for entertainment. Period.
There is a very clear distinction between taking responsibility for your words as an artist and …