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Why I practice, “Letters of Appreciation”.

It happened so organically that I didn’t notice I was walking into a lifetime practice of brilliance and synergy. One day, I just got drunk and decided to email someone who made me feel good. I don’t remember who the first person was, at this point, but the practice had begun and it would grow over time. The seed of the idea is pouring out your soul to someone who has influenced you, in one gushing email or letter. It doesn’t matter if they respond, it only matters that you show them appreciation. Soon I was in the practice of sending out a series of emails whenever the spirit struck me, to whom ever deserved mention at the time. Soon I was in contact with film makers, poets, and artists of all types. Sure, not everyone responds, but when someone who has influenced you does respond, the affect is powerful. For instance, I was a fan of Wayne Ewing’s films documenting the life of Hunter.S.Thompson.I reached out to him and let him know. At first he responded with kind words. Next, …