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Well my pilgrimage is done and it was everything and more.
We rolled into Lowell at sunset and went straight to the cemetery. No luck in the darkness finding Jack, we headed to the bar. There he was hanging on the wall...on a t-shirt printed and hanging above the bottles of spirits in the Old Worster house. A middle aged gentelman was drunk singing, "Ommpa doompa doompitee doo...". (a la Willy Wonka)
We drank a few pints and headed on ending, eventually at the hotel for gorging on alcohol and food. Well rested the next day we got beautiful pictures in the Edson cemetery and at the Kerouac memorial in Lynn downtown proper.
It was well guarded by an intense man by the name of "Peter" who claims to be Jack's nephew. He gave us permission to take all of the pictures we wanted in his uncle's park and we trotted on.

I had been looking forward to this trip for years. Having seen Kerouac's original manuscript for "On the Road" in Las Vegas, I was lookin…
Yesterday I met some Professor's and grad students at M.I.T and was reminded of the projects that I have worked on over the last ten years. My first metaphysical hip hop concept album under the moniker "T.W.D" touched on the works of composer Scriabin, Elijah Muhammad, as well as Theosophy and Nietsche. I was commissioned in 2005 to do an adaptation of Shakespeare's "Titus Andronicus" for a live off Broadway production. All of the scene with the Moor and the goth boys was translated into Shakespearean speech and delivered in the style of The Beastie Boys. And that same year I began my transliteration of Dante's "The Divine Comedy", completing his second book , "Purgatorio" in hip hop format.

These meaty projects have fallen into the back of my mind with time. Talking with these gentleman from the "Linguistics and Philosophical" studies department reminded me that I need to make more of these spe…
My time in Boston, Mass is drawing to a close. It's been laid back for the most part. (I guess anything after a city filled with death and medical procedures is "laid back".) It has been nice seeing historical Boston and the Patriots that fought for the birth of our own nation. Brother freemason's who died to protect and fight for freedom.

We have bonded with Salem, MA. A great little city with warmth and quirky stores. My girl and I make up reasons just to fly over to Salem on our Ford broomstick and have dinner or pick up supplies and souvenirs. Living on the harbor has been great. I will remember fondly walking down the street to the 7 Eleven for sundries catching the brisk breeze passing by the water taxi and fishing boats on the Boston Fish Pier.

We have had great attendance at our shows every weekend and the crowds in Boston come to have fun!

Next we are headed to Washington D.C during the election so we'll be the second circus in town. But I have a few days…