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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Perfect match for Curly in "Three Stooges" biopic by Farrelly Brothers!

Needless to say those who know me already know I am a perfect fit for the role of "Curly" in the upcoming film by The Farrelly Brothers, but allow me to strengthen this case with a few points. I grew up watching the Stooges at a young age (like most of us) and knew I wanted to be a comedian since second grade. I have been an improv and physical comedian professionally since the age of fifteen. The comedy I have written through the span of my career has always balanced between "edgy" physical comedy and classic.

The work I did co-creating the clown trio acts of Cirque du Soleil's "KOOZA" represents this well.
Classic and ridiculous. An homage to old and the sense of new.
I am now the same age as Curly Howard was when he was making these classic films.
Of similar build, I also have the comedic "chops" to honor this great bald comedian with the utmost respect.

I have sent e-mail submissions and physical packages , but I am continuing to find new ways to let my skills be offered.
Long live the Stooges!!

Please visit my You Tube Channel and watch my Curly audition from the script I received.
Note: There are not two other people to interact with so you'll have to visualize Moe. Or don't and just see a crazy man with a high pitched voice. Cheers!